What is an index?

Stock index is one of the most popular investment products for individual investors. Index trading enables investors to invest effectively and directly in global stock markets.

Investors can use the stock index to analyze the economic prospects and stock market performance of a country or region, and can also regard the stock index as an overall economic indicator of investor sentiment.

Characteristics of index market

Reflecting the economic situation of each region, you can invest in the world's major stock indexes: S & P 500, Germany and Germany, Hang Seng Index, etc.

Provide excellent investment opportunities: all index trades can be traded in real time and executed immediately

Low cost access to the market: investors can invest in the small capital investment index, and can carry out long-term and short-term transactions, so that investors can benefit from the volatility of international stock markets

STP through transaction, multi account management

YUM Group Global Limited uses the straight through processing (STP) through trading system to synchronize trading prices with the international market in real time. Connect customers' trading orders to the international market by working with liquidity providers.

Safe and convenient withdrawal

We understand the importance of gold to our customers and are committed to providing you with a safe, fast and high quality withdrawal experience. Eternal wealth UnionPay only takes one working day to pay, and the fastest time to arrive is 2 hours.

Efficient automation process: the submission and processing of automatic withdrawal request improves the speed and accuracy of withdrawal;

Strict audit to ensure safety: in order to ensure the safety of your funds and accurate return, we will conduct a strict financial review on each withdrawal;

Personal follow-up assistance: the withdrawal expert of YUM Group Global Limited will assist you to complete the withdrawal request by email, telephone, SMS, etc.

Multiple withdrawal channels: under normal circumstances, the principal can be returned in the same way as the deposit.