What is crude oil trading?

Crude oil, also known as oil, is also known as black gold. The crude oil extracted from oil wells is usually called crude oil, which is mainly dark brown or dark green heavy oil composed of various hydrocarbons. Liquid or semi-solid combustible materials lighter than water are very complex mixtures.

Credit oil investment refers to using the fluctuation of crude oil price in the international market to earn the price difference. It is an important international investment project, such as stock gold.

Why invest in crude oil?

Crude oil investment is a hot investment in the international market in recent years, which is inseparable from its own advantages

Industrial blood: crude oil has excellent physical and chemical properties. In addition to its energy properties, its industrial properties are also widely used in allergic economy and various fields. It is an important material basis for promoting allergic economy and industrial modernization. Modernization and oil are inseparable, just as the human body is inseparable from blood. It is known as "the blood of industry".

Strategic position: after the Second World War, the control of crude oil by the United States promoted the consolidation of America's position in the world political and economic structure, and was an important driving force for the United States to establish world hegemony. With the rapid development of energy and industry, the world is facing rapid development. Energy shortage has become a worldwide problem. Broadly speaking, crude oil is no longer a commodity. It plays a decisive role in the global political structure, economic status and military situation.

Trading volume: at present, the world's major oil trading markets include: Northwest Europe, Mediterranean, Caribbean, Singapore, the United States and other five markets. Due to the development of global economy and the increasing demand for energy, crude oil has been regarded as the king of commodities for a long time, and is recognized as the most traded commodity in the world.

Looking back on history, several big fluctuations in the price of crude oil have been very big. They have created a profit myth for me and have been sought after by investors.

Due to the above factors, crude oil investment has become a hot investment in the international market in recent years.