YUM Group Global Limited adheres to the service concept of "everything for customers", providing customers with the most excellent trading environment and the fastest transaction execution, and providing all-round services for your investment. YUM Group Global Limited provides 24-hour online trading of diversified global financial products such as foreign exchange, stock index and price difference contract. Committed to high-quality customer service, leading platform technology, highly competitive transaction costs, to meet the different needs of international investors.

YUM Group Global Limited provides you with the best financial services

1. Convenient cash in and out support UnionPay, usdt and other ways of deposit, which can be deposited at any time, and the payment is very fast. Convenient deposit and withdrawal of customers, t + 1 type, to ensure two working days to the account, to avoid customer concerns.

2. The professional customer service team can provide timely help and support to you whether it is about the use of the steward platform or the problems encountered in the transaction, so that you can enjoy every transaction in YUM Group Global Limited.

3. Fund security as a leading broker, YUM Group Global Limited keeps customer funds in the world's top banks in isolation, so as to further improve the security of customer funds.

4. Rich trading products YUM Group Global Limited has been providing investors all over the world with the widest range of financial trading products, including foreign exchange, stock index and various price difference contracts.

5. The platform is stable, transparent and fair. It adopts the world's leading trust manager trading platform, which is stable and easy to use. It supports PC computers and mobile terminals. It can place orders anytime and anywhere, and the transaction is well documented, safe and transparent.