What time is your liquidation?

Precious metals, summer time: 5-6 a.m. every day; winter time: 6-7 a.m. every day. There is no settlement time for other foreign exchange products.

What is sliding point?

Sliding point is a kind of transaction phenomenon that there is difference between the actual order transaction price and the preset price for a transaction or a hanging order transaction. It occurs at a time when the market price changes greatly and the circulation volume can't keep up with the price changes, such as the market jump, the market reopens after the end of the weekend, or after major news events (such as employment data or interest rate decisions). It is generally agreed that every market will slip occasionally. Under the fair mechanism of STP trading, if the market price reaches the trigger price set by investors after a profit stop order, stop loss order or registration order is preset by investors, the stop profit order, stop loss order or registration order will become the market price order, and the transaction will be executed at the best market price at that time. Therefore, the slip point may lead to greater return or greater loss. The probability of return and risk is equal.

What are your opening and closing times?

Winter time: Monday 7 a.m. - Saturday 5 a.m. summer time: Monday 6 a.m. - Saturday 4 a.m. what leverage level can my account choose? Free choice of 100-200 times leverage